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This Yanagi Knife is made of Ginsan steel. This specific material has a high resistance to rust, the sharpness is almost equivalent to carbon steel and is also easy to re-sharpen.


These steel knives are built for the efficiency of cutting sushi which comes in comes in 2 sizes of 9inch (27cm) and 8inch (24cm). This is also designed to fit very well with kitchens and cutting boards in New Zealand households.















These knives are built individually one by one by the Japanese professionals in Osaka Sakai city, which is well known for crafting knives.


The design of these knives are inspired by the native trees of New Zealand such as Kauri, Matai, etc., and is handcrafted by Japanese craftsmen. Length and thickness can also be semi costumed.



The knife case is made of magnolia wood and is traditionally used in Japan which is known to be significantly strong against moisture.




Blade: 24cm 27cm


Thickness: 3.3mm 3.6mm


Weight: 110g 120g


made in: Osaka, Sakai city


material: Ginsan steel








The most commonly filleted fish in New Zealand is Snapper. This Deba knife is a type of knife that can be said to specifically cut Snappers. This knife is a double-edged knife which is optimised for splitting the snapper's head in half. The steel material is molybdenum steel which is flexible, hard to chip, and is easy to sharpen.


This knife is made in the city of blades Gifu, Seki city.


The weight of this Deba knife is very significant and this knife has a weight of 329g and the blade length of 21cm which is enough to cut down big fishes such as Kingfish. It is recommended for New Zealand anglers and would like them to try it out.




This knife blade is made from AUS.8 (8A) Steel, which is really hard to rust, being developed for professional use.

And, also, the component Molybdenum Vanadium Steel (0.10% to 0.25%), increasing the resistance.





                                     Steel Type: Stainless Steel AUS8

                                           Blade Type: Double edge

                                      Hardness Level: 57-58HRC

                                                 Serie: Stainless

                                                  Brand: Chojiya

                                            Made in Sakai, Japan

                                                   Blade: 210mm

                                                   Length: 345mm


                                           Thickness: 3.6mm

                                                   Weight 329g


Miura Knives Authorized Distributor

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